Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage - this is where it all begins! The Foundation Stage comprises 2 Reception classes led by a class teacher with a full time teaching assistant allocated to each class.

We have a large, open plan area inside where the children can work individually, in small groups or as a whole class. The children have continuous access to a spacious garden and undercover play area where the activities reflect those which are planned for indoors.

We value early childhood. We believe that young children learn best through first-hand experience, through play and being able to follow their interests. Carefully planned play opportunities support young children to develop socially, morally, intellectually, creatively and physically.  Daily literacy and numeracy sessions run alongside these opportunities and all children have a daily phonics lesson and read on a daily basis.

Miss Rowley - RR class teacher Mrs Hough - Reception teaching assistant Mrs Mears - RM Class teacher Miss Hollender - Reception teaching assistant

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  • Role play fun

  • Fun learning

  • Magnetic letters

  • Using technology

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