Our curriculum

Every day brings an opportunity for our children to learn or experience something new: engaging them through the delivery of a curriculum which encourages them to actively participate and to be ‘learning by doing’. All children are given the same opportunities and encouraged, supported and challenged to achieve to the best of their ability. 

Quality texts inspire our daily English lessons which ensure our children have the skills and knowledge to be successful readers and writers. In addition, all children read in class on a daily basis either as part of a guided reading session or reading independently.

All children partake in a daily phonics session with all classes following the LCP scheme of work for phonics. 

Our maths mastery approach ensures that our children have a solid understanding of number and place value, that they are able to problem solve and reason in maths and that they are able to apply their knowledge in different contexts.

Our wider curriculum is topic based with these topics reviewed and updated regularly.  We take advantage of our school grounds, our local environment and the local community to benefit the children and their learning wherever possible and also aim to ensure that the children are socially and culturally aware of their immediate community and communities further afield.  

We provide many extra-curricular clubs and activities for the enjoyment of our children.  We recognise that learning continues and often improves outside of the classroom. We search for every opportunity to make learning as stimulating as possible.

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Outdoor learning Confidently discussing learning Nurtured and supported

Our partnership with parents

The ‘Year Groups’ section will give you a more detailed account of what work is being taught during any individual term. However, if you have any queries or concerns about the work that your child is doing, please make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher.

We pride ourselves on the successful partnership that we build with parents and value the importance of our home/school links.

During the school year we provide opportunities for parents to come in to school to support their child's learning.  We also provide information sessions to give parents information about how they can support their child's learning at home.

School teams

Thomas Russell Infants' School has a tradition of School Teams (Owls, Penguins, Robins and Swans) and children become a member of one of those teams when they enter school. They learn a sense of loyalty and pride and an importance of belonging. 

It helps in the process of building respect for, and responsibility towards others. Children can earn points for their team: these are awarded at the discretion of all staff. Each week the points are totalled and in Assembly the Team of the Week is congratulated and a running total is kept. At the end of each term members of the overall winning team receive a special sticker.

Parents' consultation evenings

To keep you informed of your child’s progress and development we hold a parents’ consultation every term. This is a 15-minute appointment with the class teacher in private to discuss your child’s progress and targets for development.

Please remember that you can arrange to see a teacher or one of the headteachers at any time should you have a concern over any issue relating to your child.

Celebrating achievements

We are always keen to celebrate achievements with the children. Children are sent to the Headteacher for acknowledgement of exceptionally good or considerate behaviour, for improved effort in performance or particularly high standards of work. The child’s name is written in The Good Work Book. The child receives a sticky reward badge and places a smiley face against his/her name on a chart. On achieving five smiley faces he/she is awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

Once a week in Assembly the names are read out and the whole school celebrates the achievements where certificates are awarded. Out-of-school achievements are also acknowledged – pupils are able to show these in the assembly.

Class teachers choose a ‘worker of the week’ from each class and parents are invited in to this assembly to enjoy being a part of the celebration of their child’s achievements.

Extra curricular activities

At Thomas Russell Infants' School we provide our Year 2 children with the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities.  All of our clubs are fun and educational at the same time.  Clubs either run during lunchtime or after school in which case they start at 3.15pm and finish at 4.00pm.   We ask parents collecting children from the clubs to wait just inside the school gates, opposite main reception, where the children will be brought out to meet you by the teachers.

Once clubs have started, children are expected to show commitment by attending every week.    Year 2 classes will bring home information about the clubs that are going to run at the start of the year and a slip to return to school to indicate which clubs the children would like to take part in.  When the lists have been finalised parents will be sent a letter informing them of which clubs their child has been accepted for, and in which terms (in the case of over subscribed clubs).

We also offer clubs run by outside providers in order to broaden the amount of activities that we can provide. These can change on a termly basis and details will be sent out periodically in the children’s book bags.

Other experiences

project 1

Country dancing

We are always very proud of our Country Dancers who perform some simple English country dances, including traditional Maypole and Morris dances.  Thomas Russell Country Dancers and Mini Morris Men never fail to impress and delight audiences at events.


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We are very lucky to be able to invite people into school to enhance the childrens' learning.  Poets, musicians, artists, nurses, road safety officers, dancers and many more visit each year, we value the expertise of them all.

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All children visit places away from school to complement and supplement the work done in class. All visits are linked to year group topics and may be at the beginning of a term, or it may be at the end to see for themselves what they have been learning about.

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Family learning

All children take part in Family Workshops each year. This is when we invite a family member to join the children for a lesson in the hall. It is always lots of fun, with many hands on activities which the adults enjoy just as much as the children.